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⁠— 2021 - 2022 ⁠—

Alexa chipman's

haunting of selene


Snatched from the sleepy town of Bodega Bay, Jennifer finds herself trapped on an abandoned steamship from a bygone era with a mysterious associate of Nikola Tesla.


HAUNTING OF SELENE is written and directed by author Alexa Chipman, and it was an absolute treat to work on. Alexa blends the science-fiction and mythology like they’re peanut butter and chocolate.

⁠— 2018 ⁠—



Sacked from her position as an English Lit teacher, Milly Foster must become a macabre investigator. Fortunately, the spooky has always been a passion for Milly and very little phases her.


Milly Foster, Macabre Investigator is written and directed by the (many) award-winning Mike Murphy for MisfitsAudio. I edited it together, and have fond memories of doing-so. I have had the pleasure of working with Mike on numerous occasions, and Milly Foster remains one of my favourites. I learned a lot about sound design and writing for radio by absorbing his scripts, and therefore his power.

⁠— 2017 ⁠—


image-asset (1).jpeg

Sure, Walter Welles might’ve put an end to the SWEET TOOTH INCIDENT last year but what has he done for us recently? Having joined forces with the world’s most accomplished detective, Walter Welles finds himself unable to catch a break, or a new case.


WWM was the first radio-drama that I created from the ground-up with MisfitsAudio, and it is the second appearance of my wannabe sleuth Walter Welles. Walter first appeared in ‘SWEET TOOTH’, my first short film, and remains the namesake of SBDA.


The ‘SWEET TOOTH INCIDENT’ and Walter’s origins are explored in ‘I AM NOT DEAD YET’, a prequel web-novel available on tapas.

⁠— 2013 ⁠—

the corner bar on 

alpha prime


On the far-off world of Alpha Prime, Earthman Kent Stone brings a new bartender to his watering hole: an android known as SAL, who supposedly has 1,001 uses.


The series is presented by Misfits Audio, written and directed by Mike Murphy, and edited by Jake Lewsey [under the pseudonym ‘Alex Lawsford’].

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